Future Proof – Lower your carbon footprint, not your standards

A Future Proof List

Looking to buy something new, but want to lower your carbon footprint? Here are our picks.

The Future Proof Manifesto

There’s a lot of stuff out there, and we’re here to help you make sense of it all.

We get it. You want to be more climate-friendly, but it’s not exactly easy. There’s not a lot out there to help you make an informed decision, and besides, you’ve got plenty of other stuff to think about. That’s where we come in.

Future Proof helps you by reviewing products and recommending only the best, most climate-friendly ones out there. We rate things just like other review sites do—we look at price, quality, ease-of-use, etc.—but we also consider how it impacts the environment by estimating how much carbon pollution it’ll produce over its lifetime.

We want you to love your stuff, because if you do, you’ll keep it longer—it’s one of the best ways to trim your footprint. We’re not going to recommend something that sucks just because it has a low carbon footprint. Chances are you’ll toss it and buy something else. That doesn’t help anyone.

Why focus on products? The stuff we buy makes up 10–15% of our carbon footprints. If we can lower that number, it’ll help us do our part to fight climate change. Plus, it’s a relatively easy way to start. Not all of us have rooftops for solar power or parking spaces to charge electric vehicles—or the money to buy them. But we buy other stuff. And that’s where we can make a difference. 

We’ll do the research and testing, and we’ll give you a few options. And if you decide you’re happy with the stuff you already own, even better. But if you are looking for something new, we’re here to help you make your decision. We want you to be able to lower your carbon footprint, not your standards.

—Tim and the Future Proof team